Friday, February 23, 2018

Nature's Temple

Nature's Temple

I love to ramble
Through bush and bramble
To the heart of God's creation
In secluded hills
Where the world is still
Beyond modern civilization
I feast my eyes
So mesmerized
By this unhindered beauty
Midst bird and tree
Where heart is free
Beyond the call of duty

The hand of God
Has brushed the sod
With emerald, bronze and amber
Since nature's birth
This niche on earth
Remains an untouched chamber
In reverence now
I humbly bow
Within this sanctuary
These wooded halls
Unbarred by walls
Beckon me to tarry

I love to ramble
Through nature's temple
For as I roam its girth
In this solitude
My heart is renewed
In the God of Heaven and earth
With sapphire and jade
It's heaven-made
Unmarred by our progression
I give to Him
My heart of sin
And He makes intercession
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