What We Believe

What we believe is important. Here at Outdoor Lessons we take Gospel centered ministry seriously. So we have created the list of beliefs or statement of faith to summarize what we are all about.

Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and that he is the only way to receive salvation. John 14:6

All humans have sinned and are in need of the saving grace of God. No one has lived a sinless life accept Jesus Christ. Romans 3:23

The wages or penalty for sin is eternal death. Whether great or small, all sin is a rejection of God that results in death. Since God is the only source of life, no one can live eternally apart from him. Romans 6:23

No one can save themselves. No matter how good we live our lives it is never enough to cover our sins or our sinful nature. Without God we can do nothing. John 15:5

God loves every person on earth equally. He desires that everyone be saved and none should be lost. He loves us so much he gave his own son to die in our place to make a way for us to be reconciled to him. John 3:16 

When we are saved and become followers of Christ we are to follow his law the 10 Commandments. This ultimately means we are to love God with everything we are and to love others as much as we love ourselves. Hebrews 8:10; Matthew 22:36-40

The Bible is the word of God. It contains everything we need to know to come to God and to follow him. It tells us how to live and how to share the hope of salvation with others. 2 Thesslonians 2:13; 2 Timothy 3:16,17;