On this page are FREE downloads for you. Check them out below and if you have any ideas for more downloads leave a comment below.


Camper Journal - Help campers remember their experiences for years to come. Download and print this journal for each of your ministry participants or to send with your own kids when they go camping or off to summer camp! DOWNLOAD

Packing List - Make sure you and your participants bring everything! Get this printable packing list for day or overnight trips! DOWNLOAD

Vehicle Emergency Guide - Review this resource with all of your staff so they know what to do if they are ever in a vehicular emergency. Print a copy and place in each vehicle. DOWNLOAD

Uno with Playing Cards - A great activity to always have prepared is a simple card game. A 52 card deck is ideal because it is so versatile. Here are instructions for playing Uno with a 52 card deck instead of the traditional cards. DOWNLOAD

Bible Trivia Game - Get everyone learning and having fun at the same time with these Bible trivia questions. How well do you know your Bible? Find out by downloading and playing together. DOWNLOAD

Devotional Readings From Nature - Here is a 15-day devotional booklet that includes daily lessons drawn from nature. Each day features an excerpt from a well known Christian writer such as Martin Luther, Oswald Champers, and G.K. Chesterton. Boost your devotional life with thoughts from God's Creation! DOWNLOAD

Camping In The Bible - This short PDF discusses three camping trips found in the Bible including Abraham and his journey to the promised land. It draws spiritual lessons from these stories. It is a great way to talk about spiritual topics on a camping trip. DOWNLOAD