How to use this site?

Easy. Go to the Home page and scroll down to find a suitable lesson. Also, on the right hand side is a search function where you can search for lessons by topic or object. For example you could search "salvation" or "rope". Below the search bar, you can see a list of the most popular lessons. And below this you can see lessons posted farther back with the Archives bar.

What is an object lesson and why would I use one?

Click here to see our short article answering these questions.

Who are these lessons for?

These lessons are designed for use by teachers, leaders, and counselors. And they are also made for anyone who decides to use them such as parents or even kids! They are made to be adaptable to many applications. They are meant for ages 8-9 years old and up. The content may be above the heads of younger children. But adults enjoy them and so do teens. While these lessons are perhaps best used in an outdoor setting they are certainly great for indoor talks too. In fact I find I use them most indoors.

How do I use these lessons?

However you like! Such as a short worship thought in the morning, or as part of a longer talk or sermon. They would be perfect before a school lesson. There is really no end to their uses. They can be the central point or the introduction, an example, or the closing. Use them when you need a worship last minute, or incorporate them into your bible study. They make great spur of the moment lessons beside the trail. Jesus used object lessons in his teachings all the time in many different ways.

Can I use these lessons to lead listeners into a deeper talk about a relationship with Jesus?

Definitely. That is the ultimate goal of this site. Check out our Resources Page and Bible Study Tools Page for tips and tools.