Friday, May 12, 2017

Christian Outdoor Object Lesson 52: River Of Life

Key Verse

"but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never thirst again;" John 4:14a WEB


Throughout the Bible water is used as a metaphor or example. Phrases like water of life, river of life, and living water appear often. Of course we need water to live, but what is so unique about water? Why did Jesus compare his gift of salvation to it? Because water is the single most important ingredient to life.

We often take water for granted. It is plumed right into our house so we only need to turn a knob to get it. But venture only a short distance from a water source and you will soon realize how much you depend on it. If you have ever been thirsty on a hot day, or waded into a cool stream after a long hike than you can appreciate how necessary water is. Every civilization and tribe in history has made their home near a water source such as a river. This is so common that experts say if you are lost outdoors, just follow a river downstream and you will eventually find people.

Water is not just something we need to drink, it is in our food, and in the air we breath. Water is needed to grow our food and also to produce almost everything we use each day from glass to metal! Try to imagine a world without water. Your food is hard and sticks to the roof of your mouth, no water to wash it down. Your hands and clothes get dirty, no water to wash it away. That would be miserable.

Not only do we need water to eat and clean, but our own bodies consist of about 50% water. Your sweat, tears, stomach bile, mucous, blood, and brain are mostly water. Water is the essence of life. Perhaps Jesus was onto something when he compared salvation to water.

You have probably enjoyed the sweet relief of a cool glass of water when you are extremely hot and thirsty. That is exactly how salvation feels when we receive it. Maybe you have had the privilege of jumping in a cool stream on a hot day. That's what it is like when the peace of salvation washes over us after feeling the heat and pressure of life. I hope you have had the pleasure of getting into a hot tub after being out in the freezing cold. That is what it is like to feel God's salvation after being in the cold hostility of the world.


What is it that makes us 'thirsty' for the salvation Jesus offers?

What are some other things Jesus compared salvation to?

Have you experienced the refreshing effects of excepting Jesus as your Savior?

Written By David F. Garner