Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Answers In Genesis Videos: Faith and Science Resource

Where do you go for answers to challenging questions about science and the Bible? The Bible obviously. But sometimes it helps to get answers from people who have made it their career to study these issues. We trust theologians to help us understand spiritual truths, why not Bible-professing scientists on matters of science? While we should never take a person’s word as truth without checking it against the Bible, we can learn a lot from Christian scientists.

Answers In Genesis is an organization that exists to provide Biblical answers to scientific questions. They create fantastic material such as videos and articles as well as more in-depth educational material. You may have heard about this organization in the news because they have been building a life-size Ark encounter. They do much more than that. They actively work to educate Christians on Biblical answers to modern scientific topics. These topics range from evolution, to carbon dating, to biology, archeology, astronomy, the flood, and more.

The articles are a great resource to answer specific questions. They are written by qualified, practicing scientists. The articles can get very technical and way above the average person’s head. But they are usually written so even children can understand the main points. Of all their resources, I like the videos best. They are well made, entertaining, and very educational. The videos are not so technical. They tend to be short and stick to the important points. I like to use them in a group setting to supplement a discussion. I also find them a great resource to share with curious minds. They cover a wide range of topics and most are less than 5 minutes! Check them out here.

Written by David F. Garner