Tuesday, May 17, 2016

10 Lessons of the Wilderness Experience

Many great people of God have a Wilderness experience in there life. Moses, Elijah, King David, and Jesus all did. It was a time usually spent in a remote natural area, often alone, where they had to depend completely on God. They always learned important lessons from this experience that contributed to their greatness. Here are ten important lessons a Wilderness experience will teach you. 

  1. Trust in God.
  2. Even the best laid plans can fail. 
  3. Knowledge is everything. 
  4. Rest is important. 
  5. Respect everyone. You never know who you may be stuck with. 
  6. Wishful thinking is futile 
  7. God always hears your prayers.
  8. You are capable of more than you thought. 
  9. Humility. 
  10. The power of prayer. 

These are all very important lessons for every Christian to learn. They are lessons that will carry you through trying circumstances. If you live very long on this earth you will face a Wilderness experience whether real or figurative. When you come out of the Wilderness experience and into regular life again where things are easier the lessons learned will stay with you. Next time you are in a Wilderness experience, ask God what he wants you to learn from it. Pray for him to give you the strength to endure it and to grow stronger and closer to him!

Written by David F. Garner
Photo Credit: David F. Garner