The books listed on this page are highly recommended reading material for any leader or teacher in an outdoor setting. All books are personal favorites and are chock full of great ideas and insights.

Campground Inspirations: A Devotional for Campers

By David F. Garner

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Campground Inspirations is designed for leaders or personal use. It contains 34 object lessons that will help bring your worship presentations to life as a leader. All objects needed can be found in any campground. Notes are placed throughout each lesson that instruct on how to display the object during your talk. This devotional is also perfect for personal time. It is lightweight enough to carry in a backpack but stuffed full of lessons that will deepen your spiritual walk.

 Christ's Object Lessons

By Ellen G. White

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Christ's Object Lessons begins by establishing the reason for Jesus' use of parables and relates that back to our time. Ellen White then proceeds to examine many of the famous parables in the gospels. The approach focuses on expanding and explaining the story itself and then proceeds to explain the spiritual significance. The language is simple and the writing flows easily.

Christian Outdoor Leadership

By Ashley Denton

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It is a foundational resource for students of outdoor leadership, wilderness ministry, and outdoor education. According to many readers, it is a "must read" for youth workers, pastors, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through solitude or adventure in the outdoors. The book includes unique experiential learning resources and Bible studies that will help you experience spiritual renewal through time with God in the outdoors. Buy the book now and embark on a journey through the Scriptures to discover why the outdoors was Jesus' primary classroom for teaching the secrets of his Kingdom.

Adventure and the Way of Jesus: An Experiential Approach to Spiritual Formation

By Greg Robinson

What things are best suited to help others grow spiritually, and what equipment is at the disposal of the spiritual facilitator? Spiritual facilitators help others through their own presence, the conditions they create and maintain, and the effective use of questions to point, nudge, direct, and teach those who want to learn. One of the best contexts for discovery is experiential learning. This is a type of learning that requires action, reflection, and an undetermined result. In a word, spiritual formation requires adventure.

The Gospel In Creation
By Elliot J. Waggoner

This work sets forth clearly and simply the relation between God's work in creation and redemption. The signs of power and greatness that mark the handiwork of God in the visible universe are shown to be but indications of the unfailing strength with which He works in the lives of those who submit to His will. This book helps the reader better see God in his creation.