Friday, February 9, 2018

The Hiker's Prayer

The Hikers Prayer

Adapted from the 23rd Psalm

The LORD is my guide,

I have all that I need,

He leads me to rest in green meadows,

He leads me along trickling streams,

He strengthens me,

He guides me down smooth trails,

Reminding me of His devotion,

As I hike through valleys shadowed by storms,

I fear no misfortune, for You are my guide,

Your well-worn staff shows Your experience,

And I take comfort,

You prepare a feast for me,

At the end of a long treacherous day,

You sooth me with a hot drink,

Surely Your goodness and care,

Will always be there,

And I will follow in Your footsteps,

Every day of my life.

- By David F. Garner