Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thinking Creation Video Series: Faith and Science Resource

                                                Episode 1 The Great Debate

Do you ever wish for a great, free resource on faith and science to point inquisitive minds to? Look no farther. Here is a great video series from the Geoscience Research Institute located in Loma Linda, CA. It is a 6 part video series dealing with topics like the philosophy of science, the Christian roots of science, evidence for intelligent design and others. This series, titled Thinking Creation, has 6 half hour episodes that are easily understood by science minded and lay persons alike. They are entertaining, thought provoking, educational, and did I mention, free!

Here is a description from their website: "This video series is designed to serve as the beginning of a conversation, not the end; it is about reality in the past, present and future. Embracing a thoughtful understanding of creation frees believers from irrational philosophies built on events that don’t happen, and liberates them to embrace the beauty evident in nature. In other words, Thinking Creation is about a beginning, the beginning of a liberating journey to understand ourselves, our universe and our Creator God."

Click here to view and DOWNDLOAD the series for FREE.

Written by David F. Garner