Friday, March 24, 2017

Christian Outdoor Activity Lesson: Rescue

Key Verse

“Don’t be afraid because of them, for I am with you to rescue you,” says Yahweh.” Jeremiah 1:8 WEB

Activity Type:



30 minutes - 1 hour


Participants will be in teams of two and one cannot see. The second person guides the first through the obstacle course. Requires communication and trust and helps foster empathy.


Some basic objects that can be used as part of a short obstacle course. For example a hula hoop, bench, log, rope, tarp, mat, etc. Blindfolds are useful but optional.


Set the obstacle course ahead of time. Then tell the participants they are lost in a snow storm (or sandstorm) and are trying to get to shelter. One person in your pair has been blinded by the snow (or sand) and the other can see. The seeing person must guide the blind through the storm safely. In pairs the participants proceed through a tunnel (hoop), over a log, under an overhang (tarp), over a creek (mat), across a bridge (bench) to safety. Partners can maintain contact through their journey. Once the pair reaches safety they can switch places and try again. As a variation partners cannot touch but only communicate verbally or perhaps by singing or by clapping or humming. Alternatively, have partners communicate with a code.

Possible Lessons:

As lost humans we need rescue by our Savior. He has promised to do so in the verse above. Compare and contrast our spiritual journey to the obstacle course and the guide.

Sometimes we go astray in life and need to be rescued by others. Sometimes friends or family may try to rescue us. Discuss how our recognition of our waywardness impacts our reaction. Sometimes we don't think we are astray or don't want rescue. Or perhaps we see a friend making a bad choice but they do not see it. Discuss how this activity relates to learning how to help guide others who may or may not realize they need help.

Written by David F. Garner

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