Packing List

What should you pack for your outdoor adventure? Well, it depends on the length of trip and activities planned. But here is a basic list of items that should be included on every trip. 

Packing List

For day hikes start with the 10 Essentials:

1.     Navigation
                                               i.     Map
                                             ii.     Compass
                                            iii.     GPS
2.     Sun protection
                                               i.     Sunscreen
                                             ii.     Hat
                                            iii.     Sunglasses
3.     Weather protection
                                               i.     Hat
                                             ii.     Sweater
                                            iii.     Jacket
                                            iv.     Rain jacket or umbrella
                                              v.     Extra pair of socks
4.     Light
                                               i.     Flashlight
                                             ii.     Extra batteries
5.     First-aid kit
6.     Fire source
                                               i.     Matches
                                             ii.     Lighter
7.     Tools
                                               i.     Knife
                                             ii.     Sharpener
                                            iii.     Duct tape
8.     Food
                                               i.     Always take extra
9.     Water
                                               i.     Water bottle
                                             ii.     Filter or water treatment
10.  Emergency Shelter

Extras optional items:

1.     Whistle
2.     Camera
3.     Insect repellant
4.     Trekking poles
5.     Guidebook
6.     Communication device
7.     Hand sanitizer
8.     Bible
9.     Journal
10.  Trash bag

For overnight trips additional items should include:

1.     Shelter
                                               i.     Tent
                                             ii.     Hammock
                                            iii.     Other
2.     Sleeping system
                                            iv.     Sleeping bag
                                              v.     Sleeping pad
                                            vi.     Travel pillow
                                           vii.     Bag
                                         viii.     Backpack
                                            ix.     Dry bag
                                              x.     Other
3.     Extra clothes
                                            xi.     Pants
                                           xii.     Shirts
                                         xiii.     Underclothes
                                          xiv.     Jacket
                                           xv.     Winter/summer gear
4.     Proper footwear
                                          xvi.     Boots
                                        xvii.     Shoes
                                       xviii.     Sandals
5.     Cooking
                                          xix.     Stove
                                           xx.     Fuel
                                          xxi.     Pot
                                        xxii.     Cookware
6.     Food
i.  Food for each meal
ii.     Snacks
iii.     Drinks (powdered?)
7.     Entertainment
i.     Games
ii.     Balls
iii.     Cards
8.     Activity specific equipment
i. Other
9.  Personal Items
i. Toilet paper
ii. Personal hygiene
iii. Medications
iv. Comb