Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Cage of Light - A Poem


Before and during the 2003 Northeast blackout, a massive power outage that affected 55 million people. Photo by of Todd Carlson

Cage of Light

So bright, so bright, is the city night,

Neon signs blare,

Traffic whine fills the air,

Street lamps, billboards, light light light,

So bright, this sight, never ending blight,


And dreaded Fluorescent,

Spot lights, flood lights, white, white, white,

Millions, billions, of stars in the sky

Moon shines dull,

Maybe not at all,

None here know what orbs glide by,

Millions, billions, of people walk by,

So thankless,

And oh so anxious,

None notice something’s awry,

Caged, disengaged, the night light keeps ahold,

Imprisoned in the trap

Drawn like bugs zap zap,

Who remembers the dark sky enscrolled,

Stars, mars, all cosmic luminaries old,

Their beauty only legend, 

No more eyes beckoned,

Cities constrained by hedonism’s hold,

Shake, break, shatter that house of death

Run, from light into his marvelous darkness

Look, the galaxies manifest their sharpness

Constellations forgotten steal the breath,

Awake, forsake, city light as shibboleth,

Give every town a dark sky stamp,

Exchange street lamp for head lamp,

Let darkness spread the width and breadth.

By David F. Garner