Friday, November 29, 2019

Outdoor Object Lesson 107: Some More Life With God

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“Governments make plans, but the Lord checks them. He does not let people do everything that they want to do. The plans that the Lord makes will always happen. His ideas will always be with us.” Psalms‬ ‭33:10-11‬ ‭(EEB)


If you have ever had a s’more than you know why they got their name, because you always want some more! S’more treats are synonymous with camping and backyard hot dog roasts. Have you ever wondered where they came from? Sadly we don’t know the name of the genius that gave us such a tasty treat. The first record of a s’more treat prepared over a fire is a recipe from 1927 found in a Girl Scout how-to book.1 The Kampground Of America (KOA) chain of campgrounds helped to popularize the treat through the middle of the 20th century. And now s’mores are the most popular dessert recipe in the U.S.A.

What is it that makes them so irresistible? The marshmallow of course. Before the s’more sandwich recipe became popular, marshmallow roasts were all the rage as far back as the 1890’s. These sticky, gooey treats are best when held to the flame. But what is the best recipe for a s’more? How long should you hold the marshmallow above the flame? Is it more tasty if you catch it on fire then blow it out quickly, or slowly let it turn to a golden brown? Are they better with milk chocolate or dark? Is it ok to eat the marshmallow off the stick and the crackers and chocolate separately as some people prefer, or must you always eat it as a sandwich? 

The best thing about s’mores is that however you answer these questions you are correct. There is no incorrect way to make or eat a s’more. Every s’more is your own unique creation and you get to make it the way you want. You can roast the marshmallow and eat it right off the stick, or forego the flame and eat it raw between graham crackers and chocolate. 

The s’more shares a lot of similarities with life. Every s’more is messy and challenging. So is life. There is a general recipe but each one is unique. If you don’t follow other people’s method all the time, that’s ok. A good s’more takes patients to make. Most importantly, both are better after going through the fire. Life is not meant to be perfect and predictable. God created life to be full of surprises. He doesn’t expect you to know everything. In fact, God “does not let people do everything that they want to do” because he wants us to learn to trust him. This world is full of sin and it’s going to get messy. Life with God will require patience. But God is infinite and promises to bring good out of the mess. 

No two lives are the same. God created everyone to be different and unique. As you grow in Him you will find your own identity in Him and learn that it is ok to be different. Pray and seek what unique life God has in store for you. Lastly, God will bring you through the fire. He does this because he knows it will make you better, the best you can be. If you let him, he will lead you to trust him. Life with God will be messy at times but if you have patients you will learn to say, “Lord I’d like s’more!”


Do you think God wants you to have an easy or a hard life?

Does the Bible promise God will give you everything you want as long as you follow him?

Is it ok for a Christian’s life to be messy, or should it go as planned?

How do you react to the difficult or messy times in your life?

1. Rebecca Rupp

Written by David F. Garner
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