Friday, June 1, 2018

O God, This Precious Earth Thou Gave


O God, This Precious Earth Thou Gave 

O God, this precious Earth Thou gave 
To us to hold for Thee; 
Thou gave to us dominion over 
Land and over sea; 
Thou gave us mighty power over 
Creatures great and small; 
The Earth: we are responsible 
For caring for it all. 

But when we look around we find 
Our damage everywhere; 
The robins and the sparrows must 
Fly through polluted air; 
The rolling rivers have become 
Awash with our debris; 
The oceans slowly fill with trash 
Far as the eye can see.

The creatures once so plentiful 
Can scarcely now be seen; 
The forests are depleted now 
That once were strong and green; 
Where fish by hundreds once did swim 
In rivers pure and clear, 
The rivers now are toxic gray, 
And fish do not appear. 

Forgive us, God, for what we did 
 In carelessness and haste; 
We never did intend to cause 
Such damage and such waste; 
So as in sorrow we repent, 
We ask on bended knee 
To give us, God, the strength now to 
Restore the Earth for Thee. 


by William E. McGinnis

Photo Credit: aamiraimer via