Bible Study Tools

How do you help a person continue to grow their relationship with God? This page offers great tools you can share.

1) RED Bible Study Method
A simple but great method to share with people new to bible study looking for tools. Use the acronym:


The term RED indicate the red letters in the Bible. This is always the best place for any new Bible student to begin. The acronym R.E.D. then provides an easily remembered key to effective Bible study. First Read the text, then reread any part that is confusing the first time. Evaluate the text to find the central parts or points. Try to understand the context of the text by reading verses or chapters before and after the text. If available use margin texts or other resources such as a Bible commentary. Finally, Determine how the points in the text apply to you and your life today. Alternatively, for group or journaling, Discus what the text means and how it applies.

2) Journaling 101
Journaling is a great help to our spiritual lives. This is an easy method to guide a journaler through the process.

If Jesus were sitting here I would say?
If Jesus were sitting here he would say?

A great place to begin when journaling is just simply anserwing the above questions. Picturing Jesus sitting nearby helps to put thoughts and feelings into words. Answers can be as detailed or straightforwards as you like. Next, answer the second question by reading or recalling his promises in the Bible. Right one or two down in the journal too. There is no magic formula to journaling. It can be done on a regular basis or occasionally. However, it is most effective when used while feeling intense emotions. For example, when really angry, sad, or depressed, or when really happy, or relieved. It is especially beneficial to journal after Jesus answers a prayer. Then, you can refer back to it when you feel down or your prayers are not being answered.

3) How To Pray
This is a great method to follow when praying for the new and experienced. It can be referred to as: A T.A.C. Prayer


The term TAC is easy to remember. Begin a prayer with Thanks to God. Thanks for what he has given, what he has promised, etc. Next comes Admit. We then admit our sins, our fears and worries, our desires or longings, and anything else we want to. Lastly, we Commit our lives to him as well as our possessions, our plans, our hopes and dreams. We commit to follow Jesus, keep his commands, and believe in his word, his promises. If we have already committed these things than we should recommit them, daily.